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Writer Lori Stott has a few things to say.


A while ago now, she self-published her first book, a funny, heartwarming, medically-relevant account of her struggles with infertility and a high-risk pregnancy. This is the book that Lori couldn't find when she and her husband were on their journey to becoming parents. (p.s. Happy Ending)


If you or someone you love is struggling with fertility challenges and/or a high-risk pregnancy, you'll want to read this book!

Lori is currently working on a series of essays and travel stories.

Thank you for your interest!




"If you can imagine Anne Lamott re-writing Alice in Wonderland while going through the harrowing, heartbreaking, and somehow hilarious ordeal of trying to conceive a child, then that might be this memoir. Lori Stott is that good."

-Timothy Hillmer, winner of the Colorado Book Award

and the author of The Hookmen and Ravenhill

“This book reads like a can't-put-it-down novel while offering an amazing amount of helpful, accessible information and, most of all, hope to those touched by a "fertility challenge." It is an intimate, searingly honest, heartbreaking and ultimately triumphant account of a vastly complex journey shared by a true storyteller who knows how to balance the intensity with just the right amount of wit and humor.” 

“With poignant honesty and refreshing humor, Breathing Faith seeds hope and sheds light on the heartbreaking journey through infertility and high-risk pregnancy. Stott’s courage to share her story is an uplifting gift to anyone who walks this all-too-common path to motherhood.”

—Niki Dewart, co-author of The Mother’s Wisdom Deck

-Janet F. Quinn, PhD, RN, author, I Am a Woman Finding My Voice.

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