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Creating with clay is a passion. In the pottery world, I'm known as a "hand-builder"...we are a different breed than strictly wheel-throwers! For me, there is a tremendous amount of freedom in hand-building. No need to strive for perfection, thank goodness.


I make each piece with earthenware and stoneware clays, and play with a variety of stamps—letters, Indian wooden mandalas, metal floral shapes—to create one-of-a-kind textures and design.


A lover of color, I use underglazes, paints, and markers to accentuate the individual markings of each piece. Everything I make is UNIQUE and will never be replicated.

I'm much better at making things than I am at marketing, but here's a peek at my stuff. I'll have a functioning sales site up soon, and will be happy to ship to you anywhere.

Come see me on Mother's Day at the Spring Artisan Market at MainStage Brewing,

450 Main Street in Lyons Colorado, 12-4 pm.


I love custom orders!

 LifeStones in bulk are available.

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