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60 to 60: Try New Things

It seemed a little strange that we were the only ones in the Japanese restaurant sitting on the floor. When I made the reservations, I thought about how lucky we were to get a table with traditional tatami floor seating. Something new and different! I figured lots of people would relish the opportunity to dine in a different way. But no, everyone else was seated at boring tables and dull chairs.

We had the room to ourselves. It's kind of fun to sit on a cushion and eat a bunch of delish small plates that frankly, weren't that small. I tend to be pretty flexible so sitting criss-cross wasn't so bad for me. Jay is a big athletic guy so this arrangement wasn't as great for him. He began to wonder if his butt was going to fall fast asleep and feared he would be unable to get up. (It didn't, he did.)

Afterwards, we soaked our middle-aged feet in hot water. Later in the hot springs, we watched a humorous scene unfold that involved a voluptuous topless bather, a father, three sons, and a wife who kept an eagle eye on the whole thing. You always meet the most interesting people at hot springs!

It's important to try new things, especially as we get older. We simply can't get stuck in our ways or patterns. I believe life is way too juicy for that. Grab a pal, or go solo, but go somewhere and do something different. Even if you're the only ones in a restaurant wearing slippers to go to the bathroom.


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